After years of studding complex techniques I have found a way to incorporate them all together!
This has decreased treatment time, with faster longer lasting results for patients!
Come Experience Truly Different Chiropractic Care

Why Choose Chiropractic Care from Dr. Stephen Riner?

Emotions, Structure, Nutrition, Toxins, EMF Radiation, Allergies 
-These all cause Pain and Brain en-balances are you getting them fixed!
-Safe and effective. Most newborns sleep through adjustment, and kids laugh its so gentle
-Excellent preventive health care.
-Boosts your immune system by strengthening your body’s innate abilities.
-Targets the true cause of your problem.
-Balances the whole body, creating optimal functioning.
-Reduces stress.
-Compliments pre and post natal care for mother and baby.
-Includes personalized nutritional recommendations.
-I spend quality time with every patient: the average visit lasting 15-30 minutes for adults and 10-15 minutes for kids.
-To learn more about the SOT technique click Chiropractic

Although Dr. Stephen has chosen to focus on pregnant moms and babies, he treats all ages. Using the SOT-KST technique allows Dr. Stephen to get very good results with stubborn cases that most have trouble with. If you have any questions about your condition please call to see if Dr. Stephen can help.

Moms-to-Be need care! The right care can reduce pain and inflammation throughout pregnancy, not to mention help align the baby for birth which helps lower birthing times. Care after baby can help relieve stress and proper nutrition can rebuild your body and get it ready for another baby. Learn more about our Prenatal Care
Dr. Stephen help's parents keep small children in good health through regular adjustments and analysis. A lot of his extra study and continuing education is on pediatrics and prenatal care. Learn more about our Pediatric Care