There are three sides to our health

1- Structural: physical; your DNA; how tall you are; what blood type you have these are genetic.

2- Emotional: your subconscious thoughts that are based on your life experiences to date.

3- Chemical: what you eat, drink, breath.

As there are 3 parts to God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

As Christian believers we read in scripture multiple times that it is impossible to separate The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit from God, Since we are made in his image it is impossible to separate the three parts of the body. Note not all of my patients have the same faith and I will treat every patient with compassion no matter religious believes. Even if an injury is obviously physical, there is always an Emotional and Chemical component to the healing process of the injury. Failure to work with all three may result in failure to heal completely. Each part of the body has a unique symbolic relationship to individual emotions; so it is possible to trace the emotional components based on the injury sites. Example I like to tell patients: an athlete injures him/herself and it takes them out of the season. Not only does the patient have the physical injury but also has the emotional injury of not getting to play that season or championship game, maybe a scholarship is on the line and now there whole life has changed from that one injury. The physical injury will heal but the emotional and chemical aspect will remain which will cause pain and dysfunction 10-20 years down the road when you come into the healing phase


Mesoderm----Chemical ------Son-----Mind

Ectoderm-----Emotional -----Holy Spirit-----Spirit

If all dis-ease starts with Shock, Trauma, or Surprise. Then it progresses in a Two Step Protocol.

Step One: Conflict Phase (incubation period). There are absolutely no signs or symptoms during this time. Your doctor may say that you are “healthy as a horse” and “see you next year”; even after thorough examination. Example- the first 14 days of chicken pox or the first 4-6 hours of food poisoning or the first 10 years of a cancer. You stay in the conflict phase until you are certain that the shock, trauma, or surprise is over and is not coming back. If and when that happen’s you enter into the next step called the healing phase.

Step Two:  Healing Phase (symptom period). Pain, vomit, tumor growth, wanting to sleep all the time, fever. The rest of the world thinks you need a doctor because “you are sick”, but your body is saying, the trauma is over and it is time to begin the healing process. It appears that the longer the person spends in the conflict phase , the bigger and tougher the healing phase.

Current medical treatment and diagnosing procedures;  x-rays, blood work, etc. only show negative results when you’re in the healing phase.

What if you could find out what was wrong while in the conflict phase!

What if you could heal all three parts of injury while in the conflict phase avoiding the Healing Phase all together!  

Are you in the Healing phase already? Is your health care provider healing all three phases?

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