Hello, This is Dr Riner and I have always wanted everybody to be up front with me so Im going to be up front with you! I'm not here to sell you a bunch of adjustments, exercises, synthetic vitamins that don't work. I'm here to remove the obstacles that are preventing your body from healing itself like God intended. I don't use vitamin protocols based on a condition you might have.
 example Patient has low thyroid so that must mean they need these 4 same vitamins as the last low thyroid person. That system works half the time and I'm not here to get half my patients better. I have spent thousand of hours learning how to read the body on what it wants to be healthy, and when the patient follows their specific program they get better almost every time! When they don't want to follow it or think it cant be something that simple causing all these problems they don't get better! What I do can look simple but its only because I have been doing it for a long time. No matter what your problem the answer could be simple or complex, anything can cause anything and anything can fix anything. Over the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to see a lot of patients that most would consider "Hard to treat". Meaning that they didn't respond to 3 adjusment's a week for 12 weeks, no Rx drug works on them, they have been to several medical doctors are all their labs and thousands of dollars of test say they are fine but the patient is in horrible shape or they show something wrong but they cant find what it takes to fix it. I have tried adjusting patients with special techniques only, nutrition only, some emotional work only, sometimes a mix of 1 or 2 or all 3. What I found was ALL 3 have to be done on every patient to get the fastest, longest lasting results that truly rebuilds the body back to being healthy. 

It doesnt matter what condition you come in with, there is a chance I can help you and your whole body become better! Symptoms are your bodies way of saying something is wrong, Most Rx drugs are made to cover the symptom only Not fix the problem. Which from a business view is perfect right, if i dont fix the body you will need this Rx to cover your symptom for the rest of your life!  I search for the main problems that is throwing the body out of balance.  When you bring the body back to balance in a natural way a lot of conditions go away as a side effect. Imagine side effects that are actually beneficial like weight loss, more concentration, more energy through out the day, better hair, skin, nails, better attitude, happier with life to name a few.

You will be part of the healing! this isnt all on me, you may have to make some changes and take charge of your health! You will have to take whole food vitamins, come in on a regular basis for the first 6-12 weeks. I will not be giving you a magic pill and everything is fixed the first day! We are actually rebuilding your cells, organs, nerve tissue, bones and that takes time and is what is needed so your problem doesnt come back a couple months down the road.
I say this because I see people all the time who:
1. Love what I do and are amazed and at how awesome our body is and stay patients forever.
2. Look at me like I'm crazy on the first visit like this isn't going to work; They don't avoid what they are suppose to avoid, they don't take their supplements on a regular schedule, they dont come back for regular visits during the critical first months or I never hear from them again.  
3. My favorites- The ones who have been every where with no results and have nothing to lose so they stick to the program and around 6 weeks they start feeling really good and start getting their life back.  
4. I have had several people who didn't come back only to come back 6-12 months later after being run through the labs mill, rx, you name it and even surgery and are still in pain and finally ready to give me a good chance. 

When your ready for the care I will be here, Come in with an open mind, follow your specific program and let the GOD'S most amazing creation do all the healing!

Some more info on the 3 aspects of heath 

1- Structural: physical; your DNA; how tall you are; what blood type you have these are genetic.

2- Emotional: your subconscious thoughts that are based on your life experiences to date.

3- Chemical: what you eat, drink, breath.

As there are 3 parts to God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

As Christian believers we read in scripture multiple times that it is impossible to separate The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit from God, Since we are made in his image it is impossible to separate the three parts of the body. Note not all of my patients have the same faith and I will treat every patient with compassion no matter religious believes. Even if an injury is obviously physical, there is always an Emotional and Chemical component to the healing process of the injury. Failure to work with all three may result in failure to heal completely. Each part of the body has a unique symbolic relationship to individual emotions; so it is possible to trace the emotional components based on the injury sites. Example I like to tell patients: an athlete injures him/herself and it takes them out of the season. Not only does the patient have the physical injury but also has the emotional injury of not getting to play that season or championship game, maybe a scholarship is on the line and now there whole life has changed from that one injury. The physical injury will heal but the emotional and chemical aspect will remain which will cause pain and dysfunction 10-20 years down the road when you come into the healing phase


Mesoderm----Chemical ------Son-----Mind

Ectoderm-----Emotional -----Holy Spirit-----Spirit

If all dis-ease starts with Shock, Trauma, or Surprise. Then it progresses in a Two Step Protocol.

Step One: Conflict Phase (incubation period). There are absolutely no signs or symptoms during this time. Your doctor may say that you are “healthy as a horse” and “see you next year”; even after thorough examination. Example- the first 14 days of chicken pox or the first 4-6 hours of food poisoning or the first 10 years of a cancer. You stay in the conflict phase until you are certain that the shock, trauma, or surprise is over and is not coming back. If and when that happen’s you enter into the next step called the healing phase.

Step Two:  Healing Phase (symptom period). Pain, vomit, tumor growth, wanting to sleep all the time, fever. The rest of the world thinks you need a doctor because “you are sick”, but your body is saying, the trauma is over and it is time to begin the healing process. It appears that the longer the person spends in the conflict phase , the bigger and tougher the healing phase.

Current medical treatment and diagnosing procedures;  x-rays, blood work, etc. only show negative results when you’re in the healing phase.

What if you could find out what was wrong while in the conflict phase!

What if you could heal all three parts of injury while in the conflict phase avoiding the Healing Phase all together!  

Are you in the Healing phase already? Is your health care provider healing all three phases?

I Welcome You To Truly Different Chiropractic Care


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