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What is SOT-KST™? 

I use SOT®. SOT stands for Sacro-Occipital Technic. Sacro refers to the sacrum, which is the bottom part of the spinal column. Occipital refers to the occiput, which is the bone at the base of your skull. So SOT® focuses on the relationship between your sacrum and your occiput and how that relationship affects your overall functioning.

SOT® is a marriage of osteopathy (cranial and organ therapy) and chiropractic (spinal and extremity work). This Technique gives patients an advantage in their pursuit of wellness due to its comprehensive whole body nature.


Cranial bones which are thought to be fused by most people are actually able to move slight amounts which can cause reoccurring headaches, migraines, and a wide range of other symptoms. SOT Cranial technique is able to adjust all cranial bones.

Headaches can also be caused by organ stagnation: the most common are the pancreas and ovarian systems. With the use of SOT CMRT I am able to decrease the stress off the organ system in trouble.

Cervical vertebra (aka neck bones) can subluxate (move out of place) and cause headaches as well. Your vertebral artery runs through your neck bones and if it is out of place will cause stress to the artery causing in increase or decrease in blood flow causing a headache. Getting adjusted will realign the neck bones allowing proper blood flow to your brain.

I have helped many people with headaches. For example: a recent patient had headaches for over 20 years. After one 45 minute session she walked out of my office for the first time in 20 years with NO headache!

SOT® encompasses seven systems.

The first three systems are called Category I, II, and III. Each category has indicators that help the doctor to determine what structural state the body is in, particularly the three different distortion patterns of the pelvis as it relates to the cranium. These indicators are found all over the body, so the whole body must be evaluated. No two patients are alike.

The fourth system relates to indicators on part of the trapezius muscle (the upper back) that determine if and where there are imbalances on the spine itself.

The fifth system is the occipital fiber system and Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT). The occipital fibers are indicators of organ imbalance in the body, which are corrected by CMRT. If both the organ and the spine are treated, the imbalance has a better chance of healing. Nutritional and lifestyle changes are often required to make lasting improvement.

The sixth system describes the gentle treatment of the cranium. The cranium consists of many bones connected by joints called sutures. During normal breathing, the small movement in these joints acts as a ‘pump’, circulating the fluid that surrounds the brain and the spinal cord (cerebrospinal fluid). This fluid needs to circulate freely for optimal health of the nervous system.

The seventh system includes treatment of the extremities, including feet, ankles, knees, hips, wrists, shoulders, elbows and hands. These structures are also subject to imbalances which can be corrected using SOT® adjustment techniques.

Dr. Stephen Riner is a member of SORSI - The Sacro-Occipital Research Society International, the governing body of Sacro-Occipital Technic.