NO popping,
no Twisting,
No cracking,

Just Awesome Results!

2300 Highland Village Rd., Suite 210
Highland Village, TX 75077

Schedule Appointment --- Insurance or Medicare NOT ACCEPTED


  • The fastest way to book an appointment is to schedule online, The online schedule and email is Dr. Riner's front desk person. If you would like to call, that is perfectly fine, you will have to leave a message and Dr. Riner will call you back when he is not with patients. The call back is usually the end of the day between 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

    New Patients

    • Follow the 3 easy steps above. NEW PATIENTS- I highly reccommend booking 3 appointments in advanced for 1 per week, you can always cancel with no fee up to 24 hours in advance. Dr Riner can get booked out 3-4 weeks quickly and you might get 1 visit and then not be able to get in for another month for the follow ups.
    • Medicare - The services provided for any age and 65 years and older patients are not approved by Medicare or insurance. You have to have a medical code for a service and there is no such code for this office.

  • Dr. Riner visits are very in depth and unlike anything you have ever received before, the techniques used unlock your bodies ability to heal itself and hold adjustments longer. You will need fewer adjustments than a normal chiropractor and lots of people feel amazing after the first visit. You are with Dr. Riner the entire visit. Dr. Riner uses several therapy's during the visit like cold laser light therapy pemf, photon sound tubes, braintap and all therapy's used with visit are included in the price.